Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kathryn Raaker


Kathryn Raaker

Raaker has made herself a media mogul enjoying over 20 years in the eyes of the public with a celebrated radio and television career. She is the host of the hit television shows "Born B4 64", a show that focuses on issues that impact middle aged and senior citizens and "Chef You and I" which brings you the best of today's culinary creations.

In addition to her television appearances she hosts "Let's Just Talk" radio show which is nationally syndicated on theW4CY Network. This show talks about anything and everything, if it's interesting its being discussed. She also hosts a show on KFNX in Phoenix, AZ every Sunday afternoon. Raaker appears every Monday as a Health and Wellness Expert on Jay Young's Day Break.
Raaker has also made a name for herself as a product spokeswoman for many companies. Kathryn receives 100 of items every week through her broadcasts prior to bringing them on she thoroughly researches and tests every product if she would not use it herself or her family she will not bring it to her audience she only wants to bring the best products, that are safe and price effective to the public,. Then Kathryn features them on all her TV and radio and websites. Some of the Products she represents are The Bagwell Sealable Bag Holder, First Light Home Care, Ultmate Air Shuttle, Telikin Computers, ZX Kitchen Knives and many more.....

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