Saturday, March 31, 2012


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Friday's TalkRadioX / KjagRadio / FFR programming, LIVE at 5pm eastern!

Final Frontier Radio's own Rick Busby is back in the Bigg Show as he fills in for Jiggy Jaguar , interviewing the up and comers and the shakers runnin around.. who'd Jiggy throw at him this week? Will Rick survive ? Why is this sounding like a pro wrestling promo? That's cause we like being goofy, damnit!
Where can you tune in? here on Final Frontier , as well as the following.
Kjag Radio - our affiliate and partner
Talk Radio X The guys that put up with Rick being on Fridays filling in.. nah, we're kiddin.. :)
SRN One - The heart of the York Region
Who's Rick's guests for Friday March 30th? Here ya go!

5:00pm – Dewayne Clifton from Lock 17 : Hard Rock band Lock-17 is based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The band recently recorded and released their EP “Release the Monster” and then dove into the scene. Listeners responded and immediately created a buzz. Enough buzz to land Lock-17 playing with 3 national acts in there first 8 shows. Lock-17’s line up includes Rusty Wigham (guitar), Craven Harris (guitar), Rick Wescott (Bass), Justin Combs (drums) and front man. Dewayne Clifton.

5:30pm - International touring saxophonist and composer Rob Bennion spent his first few years living on a farm in rural Utah. According to Bennion's mother, Rob was singing to himself long before he learned how to speak.After the family moved to Houston, Rob picked up the saxophone, which became Bennion’s musical passion and pursuit. In October 2008 Rob was the headlining performer at the Okayama Jazz Festival and other jazz clubs. He was also featured as the musical guest on KJZZ TV Channel 14's "Cooking Delight" with Jennifer Burns. He has composed theme music for the Mayan Restaurant, various video games and TV pilots, and short films

6:00pm – Joanna Angel is an adult film star and writer behind the scenes.After finishing her degree, she relocated to the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, and created the website BurningAngel, a hardcore adult site catering to an emerging genre dubbed alt porn, while she danced as a stripper at night. Her website followed in the footsteps of the very popular SuicideGirls, which she has referred to as "the McDonald's of alt porn." When asked whether she thought that alt porn was turning into a movement she stated, "I think it's a movement. I think I've started something.” (Warning, obviously, the site linked is a adult site - if your under 18, hit puberty first, /then/ go)

6:30pm – Underride - From Seattle, a five-piece band called Underride has begun a revival of sorts, zapping the apathetic scene, using their hooky, guitar-driven brand of rock like a high-voltage cattle prod. “We're trying to save rock and roll. It feels like it's kind of drifting's time to bring it back up," explains Rev, Underride's lead singer. He, along with guitarists Suzuki Sixx and Princess, bassist El Barto, and drummer Double A, blast forth a sound which is a hybrid of melodic hard rock with catchy choruses and a pop sensibility.

Steve Olsher

Steve Olsher is the author of the 2010 “Self-Help Book of the Year”, Journey To You, host of Reinvention Radio, and founder of The Reinvention Workshop. His focus on helping people discover, and create a plan of action for pursuing, their WHAT—the one thing they were born to do—affects positive, permanent change around the world.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

3/29/2012 Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show

Rich Hall:Small Biz Tax Expert
Robert Mazur:Author
Jim Jorgenson:Radio Talk Show host
Shannon Rose Hollywood Rose Report

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Jason Estrada

Name: Jason Estrada
Nickname: "Big Six"
Birthplace: Providence, RI
Birth date: November 30, 1980
Height: 6' 1"
Reach: 78"
Division: Heavyweight
Record: 16-4-1 with 4 KOs
Stance: Left hand lead
Style: Last of the pure boxing heavyweights, Estrada uses lateral movement, accurate counter punching and guile to outthink and outmaneuver opponents.

This Providence, Rhode Island native known as "Big Six" brings to the game a thinking man's approach to the ring. Whether it is by moving his opponents into counter shots or luring them into traps, Estrada uses his mind rather than sheer brute force to take out his opponents.
Estrada has a solid amateur pedigree as a 3-time United States amateur champion in 2001, 2002, and 2003 as well as a Gold Medalist at the 2003 Pan AM Games. Estrada represented the US in the 2004 Athens games but lost to the man he beat in the Pan Am games to win gold.
Estrada turned pro in December of 2004 and ran up a seven fight winning streak before losing via controversial decision to Tarvis Walker in 2006. Estrada rebounded quickly however and won eight in a row from April 2007 to November 2008, beating Zack Page, Lance Whitaker, Moultrie Witherspoon and Charles Shufford in the process.
In April 2009, Estrada squared off with 2004 Gold medal winner Alexander Povetkin in Dusseldorf, Germany. Despite giving a spirited effort, Estrada dropped a unanimous decision to the heavy favorite.
Jason returned to the ring later that year with an impressive stoppage of Zuri Lawrence before dropping a unanimous decision to rising heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek earlier this year.
Estrada, a single parent, knows struggle and how to chase a dream. He has never been dropped and never been stopped in a career that has pitted him against some of the very best boxing's glamour division has to offer.
Now that he has joined the Boxing 360 team, Estrada hopes to make a move yet again in the wide open heavyweight division.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

FOGHAT performing LIVE in Junction City, KS pt 1 07/04/11

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Charles Jacobs

Charles Jacobs
Dr. Charles Jacobs is the Co-Founder and President of the American Anti-Slavery Group – a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating modern-day human bondage and to promoting a non-politicized, bias-free human rights community.

Named by The Forward as one of America’s top 50 Jewish leaders, Jacobs has founded and led several highly successful start ups characterized by groundbreaking ideas and initiatives.

In July of 1994, he co-authored The New York Times article that broke the silence around modern-day slavery in Sudan and North Africa. The widespread response inspired Charles, a Mauritanian Muslim and Sudanese Christian to launch the American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG), giving birth to the new abolitionist movement in the United States.

As the Chairman of The Sudan Campaign, Jacobs helped build an unlikely left-right coalition that eventually persuaded the US Government to stop the genocide and slave raids in Sudan (1956-2005).

In April of 2001 Jacobs flew into South Sudan on a rescue mission that, under the guidance of the Zurich-based rights group, Christian Solidarity International (CSI), freed thousands of slaves. In 2002, Jacobs met President George W. Bush at the signing of the Sudan Peace Act.

Under Charles’s leadership the AASG raised funds that liberated tens of thousands of Sudanese slaves and played an instrumental role in 2007 criminalization of slavery in Mauritania.

For his efforts, Jacobs was presented with the first-ever Boston Freedom Award by Martin Luther King’s widow, Coretta Scott King and Thomas Menino, the Mayor of Boston.

In January of 2011, Charles returned to South Sudan to witness the historic referendum on independence. He also documented two slave liberation missions conducted by CSI.

Charles has been widely published, including in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Jerusalem Post, and the Encyclopedia Britannica. He has appeared on local and national television and radio, including NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN and PBS. He currently writes a column for The Jewish Advocate.

Jacobs received his doctoral degree in social policy from Harvard University.

SITE: Site

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3/28/2012 Podcast

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekly Rant: 3/24/2012-M


Kill Devil Hill at The Old Moose Lodge Salina Kansas 11/5/2011 00000

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3/27/2012 Jiggy Jaguar radio Show

The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show {Date:3/207/2012}

Date Recorded: 3/27/2012
Jackie Warner is the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller This Is Why You’re Fat (And How to Get Thin Forever). She has starred in two reality series on Bravo, Thintervention and Work Out. She is the owner of Sky Sport and Spa, a complete wellness center in Beverly Hills. For more information about Jackie, visit her website at

NYC Based -Dr Annabelle Charbit holds a PhD in Neuroscience from

University College London. "A Life Lived Ridiculously" is Dr. Charbit's first novel. (a novel about when a girl with obsessive compulsive disorder falls in love with a sociopath)

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John Greenburg

John Greenburg - Pirate invasions are becoming more common, and not just on the big screen of Hollywood fiction. Real life terror is occurring in the waters of the world. Leaving a pathway of concern to all those who know the horrors of this reality. Recently the cruise ship "Costa Allegra" became disabled and was prowled by Pirates. This attack has altered people's lives in the wake; proving that Pirates are indeed a reality, and not just a portrait of fiction. A fascinating topic in the chronicles of history, that needs to be talked about.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Natural Flex Reed w/ Jiggy Jaguar at Wellington Kansas KCW 2/25/2012

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Kerry Rayl from 3rd Thursday October 2011

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Michael Lohan and Ashley Skype Combat

Michael Lohan planning a defamation suit if he’s not father of 13 year-old

Michael Lohan is my favorite walking asshole conundrum. I always have a tough time figuring out where to put him on the good/evil continuum. Not because I can’t figure out what side to put him on, but because I feel like I’m always having to extend the continuum on the evil side to make room for whatever new act of douche baggery he’s committed.
On Friday Michael claimed that Lindsay very likely has a 13-year-old half-sister from a relationship he had while he and now ex-wife Dina were separated in 1995. He made it sound like it was a near certainty. Over the weekend his story changed to “well maybe/sorta, let’s take a DNA test to be certain.” Now it’s moved to “Probably no chance in hell, and I’m going to punish this woman as much and as publicly as I possibly can.”
He tells the New York Post, “If the test is found to be negative, she’s [former mistress Kristi Kaufmann] going to be sued for libel and defamation. She contacted me and said she had a paternity test with her ex-husband and it was negative and she believed the child was mine. She said I was the only one she was with but I find that hard to believe. She was with a number of men after me and was going through a second divorce.”
Lohan adds he “doesn’t plan on discussing” his DNA test with his four children by ex-wife Dina until after the results are in, and has asked his lawyer to send Kaufmann a letter asking her to stop discussing the situation publicly.
He says, “Even if the test is positive, I have nothing to say to her because of the way she handled this. How can someone say I have another child when no testing has been done? Why did she wait so long? Is it because she wants money? Or is it because she wants to claim that Ashley is my children’s sister? She said she wants her daughter to have a relationship with my kids – especially Lindsay and Ali – and that’s pretty sick. I will never force my children to meet with Ashley.”
[From Starpulse]
So Michael Lohan has gone from “she’s my daughter, I sent her letters from jail signed ‘Daddy’” to “well I’m not so sure, let’s double check” to “I’m going to sue the crap outta your mother.” On the chance he is the girl’s father, Michael hasn’t really set the stage for a great relationship. Shocking!
I hate to give Michael Lohan credit for anything, but he does have some pretty legitimate questions. I was wondering most of them myself when I saw the first stories about this on Friday. And the girl’s mother told E! News that Lohan promised “to do for Ashley what he did for Lindsay’s career, the whole thing,” but then had second thoughts. That really makes you wonder about Kristi Kaufmann’s motivations. Sadly, I’m going to be on the edge of my seat for the next 12 days, waiting to see if Michael Lohan can legitimately add another kid to the list of his child support payments.
Header of Michael hitting the red carpet for a pre-BET Awards party on June 23rd. Header thanks to Splash News. Other images of Lohan’s maybe “secret sister” thanks to OK! Magazine.

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Podcast now available from 3/26/2012

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekly Rant: 2/19/2012- Whitney Gone

You had to know, The Jigg had to weigh in on Whitney Houston's Death. Now that everyone has gotten this out of their system I can finally comment. This week we talk about my views on Whitney Houston's death and life. We address the fact everyone thinks she is an angel and all but no one remembers her "Crack is Wack" comment. Rumor is that Whitney was ineed a crack hoe is address'ed and once again another radio jock makes a comment and then has to apologize.


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