Saturday, August 29, 2020

Alternative Health

Aaron Snyder, Former Diabetes Victim, Food Relationship Expert

ALT. Health

About Aaron: Aaron Snyder, (Former) Patient, Certified Trainer, Nutritional Consultant and Author of The New Diabetes Prescription), has successfully controlled his disease through diet, exercise, and mindset and has become a food relationship expert. Aaron was smart enough to get through Berkeley as a mathematician, and dumb enough to meet his emotional needs as a binge-eating-junk-food-junkie. Having put an extra 70+ pounds onto his 5’6” frame, he graduated with honors and type II Diabetes. Aaron became a food statistic… and a 4th generation and Diabetic! From his first diagnosis Aaron wanted no part of the disease, the drugs or the weight, so studied nutrition and physiology. His personal journey at learning and doing took almost five years. While holding a full time job and raising a family, Aaron not only to got his condition under control, but he beat the disease and now is helping others. About the Book: A combination medical, self-help, diet, fitness and lifestyle advice, The New Diabetes Prescription provides the why and what of the changes necessary to fix your food problem. You will learn to think, act, feel and eat better. You will be introduced to reasonable alternatives to weight-gain inducing prescription. And you will learn to establish your own personal approach to living with, rather than simply surviving, Diabetes. Knowing first hand how and why most diabetics contract the disease and the struggles they face to take control, author Aaron Snyder empathetically weaves his personal battle throughout the book, providing a great combination of inspiration and information. Available at Amazon, Bookstores and at The New Comprehensive Website:
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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy

News & Comment

About the Author Michael and his wife Janis live in a log house they built on the plains. A retired captain with a major airline, Michael is active in the alpaca industry while keeping up with the bed-and-breakfast they operate out of their home. In addition to his love for aviation, Michael also enjoys bow hunting and shooting various firearms, gardening, raising livestock and fowl, meeting new people … and now, writing. They have four grown children and fourteen grandchildren.
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Randy Sutton: Law and Disorder Segment

Randy Sutton TOPIC-
Law & Disorder

Randy Sutton has spent most of his adult life in the service to his communities. He was a Police Officer and Detective in Princeton New Jersey for ten years and then served with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for 23 years. He has the distinction of being regarded as one of the highest decorated Police Officers in the department’s history including awards for Valor, Community Service and multiple Lifesaving awards. He retired at the rank of Lieutenant. He is the author of three popular books published by St, Martins Press in New York. “TRUE BLUE POLICE STORIES BY THOSE WHO HAVE LIVED THEM”,” A COP’S LIFE” and “TRUE BLUE TO PROTECT AND SERVE”. Sutton was one of the most featured Police Officers on the hit TV series “COPS” and had roles in major motion pictures such as “CASINO” “FOOLS RUSH IN” and “MISS CONEGENIALITY’ as well as co starring in the pilot episode of “LAS VEGAS” with James Caan. Sutton’s professional articles on Ethics and Integrity have been published by major news sources and he has spoken on the topic of ‘POLICING WITH HONOR” to thousands of law enforcement officers nationwide. He is also the creator and inspiration behind the web based service soon to be launched, “ CELEBRATING LEGACY”, a web based service that allows its members to create, preserve and share the memories and lives of themselves, their loved ones and those who have passed.
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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show 8/5/2014

The Jiggy Jaguar Radio Show {Date:8/5/2014}

Date Recorded: 8/5/2014

GUEST: Mark Becker

GUEST: Rachna from Popvox

DAILY SEGMENT-Frank Vernuccio

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Howard Henley

Howard Henley

new talk show hitting Dish Network soon called "The Culture Club".

Howard Henley. I am working with Josh Mitchell of Wickid Pissa Publicity. He advised me to email you and set up an interview about my new talk show hitting Dish Network soon called "The Culture Club". Its a pop culture talk show where we discuss entertainment news, pop culture, health, advice, fitness and feature celebrity interviews. The show includes myself and my three panelists made up of comedians and reality stars. I wanted to see if you were free this Friday to conduct the interview? Here is the link to the trailer via youtube: The Culture Club Trailer
Date Recorded: 10/6/2014
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David Meltzer

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Seg#3 9/30/2014

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