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JJTV1: Seg#1 10/3/2014

Edward L. Brownlee, Author of Rapture Factor on America 8182014

Edward L. Brownlee, Author of Rapture Factor on America

Edward L. Brownlee, Minister and Evangelist, Author of Rapture Factor on America, believes that the Rapture is coming. As an expert on the Bible and Biblical prophecies, Edward believes that the United States was set on course for a divine purpose from God and that God allowed the United States to become a nation for several reasons. His book, Rapture Factor on America, brings out those reasons and the reasons for the coming demise of the United States in the world. An interview about Biblical Prophecies with Edward will help your listeners learn and discover the factors behind the changes that are coming because of the rapture of the church in the United States. They will also learn why the United States will survive as a nation in the end and be allowed to enter the millennial reign of Christ Jesus upon the earth.
Date Recorded: 2/20/2014
SITE: Site

Podcast of the interview Download:

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Robert Shaines 4 18 2014

 Robert A. Shaines is a practicing attorney in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His first book, Command Influence, A story of Korea and the politics of injustice, is a true story based on his experiences in the Air Force's Judge Advocate General's Corps during the Korean War. Command Influence received multiple accolades, including ForeWard Magazine's 2011 Book of the Year in the category of True Crime. Robert resides in Rye, New Hampshire, with his wife Denise. Bob has had extensive experience representing clients from all over the globe, including Canada, Russia, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, various Caribbean Islands, Australia, England, The Seychelles Islands and Moldova. His travelling days are over at this time of life and he continues his law practice and career as an author. Podcast of the interview Download:

JJTV2: 10/2/2014 Seg#2

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Frank Vernuccio

Guest Opportunity: Frank Vernuccio - National Expert on Policy & Government Affairs


Meet Frank Vernuccio

Editor-in-Chief of the NY Analysis of Policy & Government, covering both national & international matters
Co-host of the radio program, "And Nothing But The Truth"
Columnist for several newspapers and web news services
Former member of both Republican and Democrat administrations in New York State, including running the Manhattan Workers Compensation Board in the aftermath of 9/11
President of COMACTA

Date Recorded: 8/12/2012
SITE: Site

Podcast of the interview Download:

Taliban: Inspired To Kidnap More Guest Opportunity: Frank Vernuccio, National Expert on Analysis of Policy & Government Affairs: Bowe Bergdahl's release from Taliban hands in exchange for 5 Taliban leaders from Guantanamo has split the nation in opinion. Not only was the agreement not "legal", the stigma surrounding Bergdahl's allegiance to his country was in question. It seems that the only winners in this exchange is the Taliban. They have stated that kidnapping higher profile Americans has encouraged them and "now they will work harder to capture an important bird." Does Taliban have the upper hand now that we've succombed to the exchange? Political and Governmental Affairs Expert Frank Vernuccio discusses the ramifications that this transfer has done to national security and how this hurts our government.

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