Sunday, February 16, 2014

3 Tips On How You Can Earn Quick Money With Your Smart Phone

3 Tips On How You Can Earn Quick Money With Your Smart Phone Matt Crampton, CTO & Co-founder of Gigwalk Available for Interviews 1. Rawporter and Foap: Make money selling photos for the news or as stock photography: / 2. Endorse: Get money back from the groceries you buy. Take photo of the receipt and get cash back or points towards charitable donations 3. Gigwalk: Earn money doing instant field/temp work for companies such as mystery shopping, price checks, photography, confirming the locations of a business, testing mobile apps. About Gigwalk Gigwalk instantly connects businesses to an on-demand, tech-savvy mobile workforce who gets paid to use their iPhone to collect, capture and report real-world data while going about their everyday activities. Gigwalk clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses across industries, including mapping, real-estate, local, travel, government, consumer research, and retail. A Gigwalker completes a variety of on-location, paid tasks or Gigs to verify a street name, photograph a menu, report on red-light cameras, confirm product placements in stores, and more. Podcast of the interview Download:

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