Friday, February 14, 2014

Anthony Lolli

Anthony Lolli is the founder of the fastest-growing real estate company in New York, an investor who owns over a dozen multi-family properties, and a developer with a background in construction. He’s also one of the most exciting and dynamic personalities in real estate today.A self-made millionaire by the age of 23, Anthony rose from humble beginnings to become the head of a thriving real estate empire. After two years of selling properties, he started his own company, Rapid Realty, to specialize in rentals. 

From a single office in Park Slope South, Brooklyn, Anthony led Rapid Realty through more than 14,000 rental transactions over a three year period. In 2009, Anthony bucked industry trend by deciding to expand. In just over two years, he built Rapid Realty into one of the largest real estate companies in New York, with 54 franchise locations throughout all five boroughs, Long Island, New Jersey, Boston, and Philadelphia. Now Anthony is taking Rapid Realty nationwide, establishing franchises in major metropolitan markets across the country.

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