Saturday, February 22, 2014

AEB Music


With her music reverberating from coast to coast, jazz festivals to gritty pubs to all night fire parties on downtown LA rooftops, Adrienne “Aeb” Byrne’s adventurous spirit has made songs of life experience backed by years of classical and jazz training. Her sound is equal parts Fiona Apple, Joss Stone and Tori Amos filtered through Byrne’s dark and moody Jazz fusion. Growing up in the rowdy University town of State College, Pennsylvania--Aeb’s professional experience started at age 13 playing in her father’s (jazz musician Eli Byrne) many projects, alongside contemporary jazz greats Duane Eubanks, Ronnie Burrage, and Sid Simmons. Trained on the keys and a wicked jazz flute--Aeb played with men forty years her senior and held her ground, where she learned the ins and outs of playing with a band and honed her razor sharp sound and swagger. While the member of many jazz bands and teaching the next generation of musicians as a private tutor--Aeb jumped headfirst into the world of rock and roll with her most popular band, The Nightcrawlers, one of Pennsylvania’s biggest college acts in early 2000’s--combining classic rock with world music. The Nightcrawlers were Penn State University’s most popular band for several years, and the group toured the Northeast, playing over a hundred shows a year. The band released an album that met with both commercial and critical success, described by Pennsylvania Musician Magazine as “brimming with virtuosity...” In 2008, Aeb relocated to Los Angeles, where she currently tours Southern California performing her rock and jazz flavored brand of singer-songwriter tunes. She share’s her lifelong love of music by tutoring the region’s most talented youth in between shows everywhere from famous Viper Room to the world-renowned State Theatre. Whether solo or as part of a band, Aeb thrives in front of a live audience, drawing listeners into her world with an honest, soulful delivery and lyrics that are at once personal and universal.
Date Recorded: 2/19/2014
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