Thursday, November 10, 2016



Hi, I'm pleased you've found your way here. Here's my story... My name is Svetlana (Lana) Zelinsky. Originally from Russia, I’ve lived in four countries since I left my home land, experimented with different specializations and lots of passions being fascinated by the mystery and explorations of life that has led to many interesting twists and turns. Who doesn’t? What I’ve come to realize that our crazy mundane life how we live it and our desire to wanting more, that put us on the path of “spiritual” or “freedom” seekers, have to come to the end. Although, I'm not in a position of flogging a certain religion, philosophy, cause, lifestyle, or motive having tried much of it myself, I must say that... Spirituality, as people understand it, doesn’t help us enjoy our humane mundane life. And the everyday life, as people live it, feels too hectic and meaningful after all. We must merge them together. Today, my understanding is that we're living in times of great changes and personal freedom is our legacy we must experience in a new way. I mean a NEW WAY. What people don't fully realize is the world as we've known it, doesn't exist any more. We are not talking here about economical and social changes, new consciousness is changing all fundamental human concepts. If you are not keeping up, you are out of the game. Date Recorded: 4/4/2014
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