Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stuart Vener


TOPIC- Anything that pertains to the housing market, mortgage news, housing trends, timeshares

BIO: Stuart is a Nationally recognized Real Estate, Mortgage, Financial and Time Share expert. Vener is a pioneer in the “Second-Chance” property program which assisted thousands of satisfied clients walk away from upside down, negative equity, properties. Using this program, Vener established Wilshire Holding Group; a firm that has helped thousands of people avoid the devastation of foreclosure. Vener is a Director of Community Housing and Development Corp., a charity that has provided over $100 million in down payment gifts for buyers. Vener is a called upon expert by radio and television on Real Estate and Mortgage issues as well as financial advice. Vener has appeared on FOX 13 (Tampa Bay), FOX News, and Bloomberg TV. In his career, Vener consulted Morris Shenker, CEO of the Dunes Hotel and Noah Dietrich, partner to Howard Hughes. Currently, in addition to helping people with upside down mortgages, Vener is helping individuals and families escape the tough financial strain timeshares, he’s helping artists and anyone in need of extra funds for projects and startup capital obtain it with Crowd Funding. He’s also active in helping foreigners purchase real estate in America.

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