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Radio Show Preview 10-17-2010

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Image of Dorree Lynn
Dorree Lynn-Book: Sex For Grownups


Psychologist and media expert Dr. Dorree is the author of Sex for Grownups: Dr. Dorree Reveals the Truth, Lies and Must-Tries for Great Sex After 50 (HCI, April, 2010), When the Man You Love Is Ill: Doing Your Best for Your Partner without Losing Yourself (Marlowe & Co. /Avalon Publishing 2007) and Getting Sane Without Going Crazy (Xlibris 2000), a consumer's guide to psychotherapy.
Dr. Dorree is the co-founderof the Institute for the Advanced Study of Psychotherapy and the founder and editor-in-chief of As a psychologist, she is the respected ear to power-brokers in government, media, corporate America and the arts.
Former host of her own radio program on Radio America and a regular media expert for the American Psychological Association, Dr. Dorree can also be seen on: AARP TV's "My Generation" program as a sexpert on relationships and intimacy, ABC's Good Morning America, Court TV, MSNBC, VH1, Fox News Channel's Special Report, PBS, and CBS-DC Eyewitness News.
She has been featured in national publications such as: CBS Market Watch, Glamour, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Newsday, Money Magazine, Newsweek, Parenting Magazine, The Washington Post, USA Today, Time Magazine, Ladies' Home Journal, and Marie Claire.
A well-known speaker on the lecture circuit, Dr. Dorree is noted for provocative, informative presentations salted with wisdom and peppered with humor. She has spoken to various groups including the National Education Association, the Public Relations Council, John Hopkins University, American University, and the American Association of Political Consultants. She has traveled extensively as a consultant to hospitals, universities and corporations and serves on the executive board of Arts for the Aging (AFTA). She also served on the board of the American Academy of Psychotherapists and is a member of the editorial board of their publication, Voices.
Dr. Dorree understands life. She has been single, married, divorced, remarried, a working mother, stepmother, proud grandmother, and the matriarch of a large multicultural, multigenerational family. Today, she lives and works in Washington, DC and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL with her husband Isaac. Her life, like yours, continually changes.

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