Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Decon. The PGM-Ahead of it's time!


This week’s episode of DECONSTRUCTING THE PROGRAM:

The Jiggy Jaguar Show will present the new segment on the personal blog. A segment called DECONSTRUCTING THE PROGRAM. This will be a little behind the scenes of the program, this will be a place relating to things we are talking about, things that are intrinsic to the program.
Ahead of it's time!

The radio show and sometimes TV show has always been Ahead of it's time. The technology to the items we do on the program. What I mean here is we have ever since we started the program in 1993, we have strived to be ahead of it's time. We were the 1st person in Net radio to have on real celebritys, We interviewed Bill Leverty from Firehouse in 2000, when we were on Alternacast.com. We were the 2nd person to use phone but the 1st to use it in a way that others had dreamed about, with our use of the phone. Now with Livestreaming, we have been the 1st to use it like a Bob and Tom or Rush Limbaugh, we have used it to do things that others have toyed with, we have brought it to a larger scale. Now with the world of Wi-Fi, we have attempted to Livestream and broadcast live, but with a the 4g ability not available yet in Salina and surrounding, we have to wait for technology to catch up with our ideas. Believe me once we get 4g, we will have another idea...As we continue to be AHEAD OF IT's TIME!

Next time on DECONSTRUCTING THE PROGRAM, we chat about the call-in method, that we have helped revolutionize in the world of internet radio. You be sure to check the blog on Tuesday mornings for the latest DECONSTRUCTING THE PROGRAM

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