Friday, October 8, 2010

A-Hole of the week!{10/8/2010}

Mr. Ed
This week's return of the Asshole of the week is the TV character Mr. Ed. This was a horse that talks and did so until 1979. I have managed to meet Eddie Money and I have talked to Mike Massey, I continue to meet and greet celebritys from all over the world. However, I will never get to meet the Horse of course that was Mr. Ed. I will have to say, I am very dissapointed in the way Mr. Ed died, I would have been able to meet and interview Mr. Ed,

By 1968, Bamboo Harvester was suffering from a variety of health problems. In 1970 he was euthanized with no publicity, and buried at Snodgrass Farm in Oklahoma.[4]However, a different version was given by Alan Young. Young wrote that he'd frequently visit his former "co-star" in retirement. He states that Mr. Ed died from an inadvertent tranquilizer administered while he was "in retirement" in a stable in Burbank, California where he lived with his trainer Lester Hilton. Young says Hilton was out of town visiting relatives and a temporary care giver might have seen Ed rolling on the ground, struggling to get up. Young said Ed was a heavy horse and he wasn't always strong enough to get back on his feet without struggling. The theory is the care giver thought the horse was in distress and administered a tranquilizer and for unknown reason, the horse died within hours. The remains were cremated and scattered by Hilton in the Los Angeles area at a spot known only to him.[5]

A different horse that died in Oklahoma in February 1979 was widely thought to be Bamboo Harvester, but this horse was in fact a horse that posed for the still pictures of "Mr. Ed" used by the production company for the show's press kits. After Bamboo Harvester's death in 1970, this horse was unofficially known as Mister Ed, which led to him being reported as such (including sardonic comments on Saturday Night Live'sWeekend Update) following his own death.[6]

Young said when the Oklahoma horse death story came out in 1979, he knew it wasn't the real Mr. Ed, but didn't have the heart to "shatter their illusions" that the horse being memorialized wasn't the real Mr. Ed. He believes it was a horse used for early publicity photos.[5] There are conflicting stories involving of the death of Bamboo Harvester, the horse that played Mr. Ed.

So after Mr. Ed died in 1979, the same year, I was born...and never living long enough for me to interview him. Mr. Ed....your an ASSHOLE!

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