Monday, December 12, 2016

Carl Gallups

Carl Gallups

It has to do with the use of a book published in November of 2013, and how God has supernaturally introduced the work to Messianic Jews in Israel. The supernatural continues with how the work is being used in Israel to introduce the true Messiah to Orthodox Jews and Muslims. It is the story of how the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is being taken to the streets in Israel.

Carl Gallups is the long-time Senior Pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church. He is the author of the bestseller, "Magic Man in the Sky." Additionally, he is a conference leader, evangelist, and Christian media icon. Carl is one of the founders of video teaching material to the world famous PPSIMMONS You Tube ministry and Biblical apologetics channel. He is a graduate of Florida State University and The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
Date Recorded: 2/10/2014
SITE: Site

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