Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kurien Abraham

Kurien Abraham

" Things Small Business Owners Should Know Before Building a Website"

Since 2003, Creative Web Results has grown into one of the premier web marketing agencies in North America, and specifically web design in Philadelphia, PA. Our experience as a project managers and owners of several website and eCommerce businesses led us to plan, build and launch websites in a very different way than most web design firms. Gain a strategic advantage for your business with our unique 4D Web Marketing Process which combines online and offline sales and marketing strategies to effectively capture, convince and convert your website visitors into leads and customers. Our process which was developed through years of testing, proven techniques and analysis to help convey your business or brand’s message accurately and effectively. We apply modern techniques including competitive analysis, keyword research and search engine approved practices to make your website mobile friendly and available for viewing on many platforms while ensure more leads and traffic is driven to your business. Our goal is not just to bring more “traffic/visitors/browsers” to your website but to create tools that are more engaging and compelling to your target audience. So, instead of your business website being just an expensive marketing tool, it becomes a tool that generates more results for your business through new inquiries, customers and sales. Empower your business today with our experienced team consisting of certified search engine optimization professional, talented graphic designers, website usability analyst, online marketing experts, experienced web developers, content writers and social media managers. Together, our dynamic group helps create and the results your business needs and deserves.
Date Recorded: 11/12/2013
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