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Dr. Hans J. Kugler

Dr. Hans J. Kugler

Dr. Hans J. Kugler
*Applied anti-aging research, from fitness to telomere-lengthening, stem cells, embryonic cell extracts, and about 30 more modalities that affect the overall rate of aging, has always been the top priority in Dr. Hans J. Kugler's longevity studies and also in his personal life.

Born in East Germany, his entire family escaped - - running, shooting, bang-bang - - to the West where his father, a pharmacist, opened a drug store andHans J. Kugler attended a catholic seminary high school. When financial stress interrupted school, and with a love for flying and fitness, Hans J. Kugler joined the West German Air Force. As pilot, flying American airplanes, and liaison officer to US pilots, he yearned to see America. His wish was granted when he applied for, and received, a graduate assistantship at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

With degrees in physiology from the University of Munich medical school under Nobel Laureate A. Butenandt, and PhD in chemistry from the - - up there with Harvard, MIT and Princeton - - SUNY, Stony Brook, Dr. Hans J. Kugler then taught chemistry for pre-meds at Roosevelt University in Chicago. At RU he also did longevity studies with cancer-prone mice, which laid the ground work for his Multi-Factorial Approach (MFA) to aging and disease prevention.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler moved to California in the late 70th, published several books on anti-aging and, with like-minded professionals, founded the International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (a California 501-C-3 non profit health education organization). He is past president and present board member of the National Health Federation, is listed in the Yearbook of Experts, was on two major publicity tours, on radio and TV, and received 11 awards from health and medical organizations.

As senior adviser to the Journal of Longevity, Dr. Hans J. Kugler continued his anti-aging research and presented his studies at medical meetings, ACAM (American College of the Advancement in Medicine), A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), the Anti-Aging Conference in Baden-Baden (Germany), and at the Diabetes Conference in New Delhi, India.

Making medical history. Disaster struck with an extreme side-impact car accident. It took nearly 2 years to diagnose that, among all the injuries, it had also ruptured parts in the heart. After all treatment attempts failed (spanning several years, lost 18 pounds of muscle mass), was advised "4 drugs and a pacemaker/defibrillator for the rest of your life."
Never willing to accept no for an answer he designed, with the help of cardiac experts from all around the world, a recovery protocol (100% recovered; passed aviation medical exams, back working out in the gym), and that has also been successfully applied on a patient who was on an emergency list for a heart transplant.
"Alternative Therapies in the treatment of cardiac injury" presented at the 17th Congress of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Las Vegas, December 12, 2009, was also chosen to be included in print in a book "Medical Therapeutics."

Always in the forefront of anti-aging research, Dr. Hans J. Kugler founded HK Stem Cell research with the # 1 goal of making person-specific stem cells - - the only type of stem cells that will be truly effective - - via several different pathways. Nuclear transfer and parthenogenesis are the top priorities, but using animal egg cells as a growth media is also a possibility that should be explored.
Besides doing stem cell research, he is also working on his next book on lean body mass as the # 1 factor in anti-aging, and does drug counseling at a health center.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler lives in southern California; in his personal life he is a fitness enthusiast, flying airplanes (from gliders to multi-engine), and is a member of an equine police reserve unit, the Long Beach Mounted Police.
In 1994 he ran the Hawaii marathon, and also ran for US Congress in the primaries.
Very involved with environmental issues, Dr. Hans J. Kugler is a supporter of the PICKENS PLAN for US energy independence and also works on a book "Global Warming and US Energy Independence from a conservative point of LINK

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