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Friday, June 28, 2013



UPDATE: Trial has begun. For many in the world outside the Florida courtroom preparing for the high-profile trial of Trayvon Martin killer, George Zimmerman, the verdict is already in. Whether it’s ‘guilty’ or ‘innocent’ is beside the point. The court of public opinion is already adjourned. Hence, the jury selection process continues, with some 40 potential candidates getting grilled as if they were on the witness stand. As the attorneys press on and the real trial is poised to get underway, one of the hot-button issues related to the case is that of self-defense and the constitutional right to exercise it with a gun. Available for interviews to comment are two Special Guests, available individually or together as a panel. Larry Pratt is the Executive Director of the Gun Owners of America (GOA) and an unrivaled expert on 2nd Amendment history and how it relates to topics of today. He can expound on views he’s expressed about the case since it first hit the news more than a year ago, and can offer his analysis of which of the two men involved, Martin (pictured) or Zimmerman, stepped outside the bounds of his rights, and how. Bill Frady is a military veteran and seasoned gun-rights proponent who regularly reflects via his Lock & Load radio show on the many dynamics of our gun debate, gun culture and gun rights. He can likewise offer his views on the upcoming trial and project on how it might reinvigorate the gun-control debate once again in the coming weeks, after the debate has seen a downshift since Newtown.

ABOUT BILL FRADY As the host of Lock & Load, presented by Gun Owners of America, Bill Frady is a staunch 2nd Amendment supporter with a deep-seeded belief in the United States and the American people. Throughout his time, either on the air or just on the street, he’s genuinely puzzled by people who do not educate themselves on government and the threat it can be to our liberty. He’s a husband, a father, a grandfather and a military veteran who still feels the pull of the oath of service. He lives in South Carolina.

Date Recorded: 9/5/2012
SITE: Site

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