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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Peter Baksa

Peter Baksa

BK: Faith Wave

Peter Baksa, is an investigative journalist / entrepreneur who recently authored "The Point of Power". He has also written several other books including: "It's none of your business what you think of me" - Summer 2011, "Think Yourself Young" - release date Jan 20,2012. Peter is now finishing his fourth book entitled "Faith Wave" where he discusses how ancient rituals were meant specifically to train the brain to go into a Faith Wave to allow for manifestations to be initiated. He correlates these rituals with concepts in quantum physics that provide a scientific basis for his hypothesis. Peter started life with old fashion German Lutheran drive, obtaining several degrees at the graduate and undergraduate levels, and acting as a visiting professor in the Architecture college and business schools. He published work showcasing a mathematical model he developed that values an asset over time. It uniquely addresses the concept that a building has energy that can be manipulated using marketing and property management techniques that lead to higher NOI. He presented this model at Harvard University business school in Cambridge in the early 1990's in a seminar he gave titled "The four rates for return for a real estate asset". His mathematical model was the the foundation of his Master thesis "The analytical framework of the development process." Peter served on the board of directors of an Illinois Bank that he helped grow from a tiny 15 million dollar small town institution at acquisition, to crossing the 3 billion dollar in assets mark over a ten year period. He used techniques that he writes about in his books to achieve this success. He was nominated to a small local Illinois symphony board of Directors. He was elected the youngest president in the history of the symphony after only 6 months on the board. During his time as president he took the symphony from near bankruptcy to selling out concerts using visualization and other techniques described in his book "The Point of Power". - See more at:

Date Recorded: 4/23/2014
SITE: Site

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