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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sherrie Phillips

Sherrie Phillips


On her way to stardom the sultry songstress who fronted the band Hangman’s Daughter took a detour from a lifestyle that promised fame and fortune often fraught with insecurity and loneliness for a less enigmatic journey but one that offered fulfillment and authenticity. Sherrie Phillips who earns Dusty Springfield, Janis Joplin and Beth Hart comparisons was raised in Northern California, by a single mom who she says gave her the gift of song and music. “Mom had a beautiful voice and I would often sing with her and we would harmonize.” Her inherited vocals are obviously in her DNA and are the foundation woven into the tapestry of every song she sings. Sherrie straddles the borders of alternative rock, R&B and soul but ties all the genres together with her “born to sing” vocals, which emote a raw quality of expressive emotion, echoing the influences and essence of vocal legend icons both past and present. The musical journey for this blue-eyed-soul beauty has taken her on what turned out to be more of a pilgrimage of self-discovery than a path to fame and fortune where she toured, traveled and sang with mainstream artists Three Dog Night, Pat Benatar, Train, Eddie money, No Doubt and Big Kenny from Big & Rich. Poised for stardom but finding emptiness where others found fulfillment, trying to fit in to what the industry wanted from her, Sherrie found herself quitting her band and giving it all up for her “hearts calling” to get back to her roots which led to producing and singing lead for a gospel project titled “Magdalene Messengers.” Recording her first solo cd titled “I Am Home.” Participating in healing music in a group called AFAR which raised funds for people who needed help with recovery and her side project with Stephanie Urbina Jones called Mama’s Gotta Sing to her now current 2nd cd release titled “Nobody But Me” with new live tracks, Janis Joplin, Barbara Streisand, Jimi Hendrix covers as well as some classic Hangman’s Daughter favorites. These albums are Sherrie's most authentic reflections of who she is now and what she wants to share with the world.
Date Recorded: 12/18/2013
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