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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

David Rowicz

David Rowicz

David Rowicz is a positive thinker, an enthusiastic world traveler, and above all else, a serial entrepreneur. He does all of these things by taking the road less traveled, simply because he finds it more fun! One of his most profound experiences was when he got his first job at 13 years of age – at a chocolate factory. It inspired his love of business and fueled dreams of building his own. David had eclectic hobbies when he was young. As a semi-professional magician, he developed his love of public speaking; his love of sales psychology and marketing was spurred while he was training under a stage hypnotist. He tried more conventional learning at Montreal’s Dawson College but the structure of the Industrial Design program was too limiting for his entrepreneurial spirit, so he decided to find his own path. He left school at 18 to start his first business and has never looked back. This path has led David to develop a wide range of business development and marketing expertise across various industries, making him instrumental in helping grow several companies. It was far from easy, but he learned from his mistakes and founded WebDM in 2010, which creates websites for countless small and medium businesses, as well as for fortune companies and household brands such as the National Bank of Canada, Desjardins, Sleeman, Formula 1 Racing, Sapporo, Cirque du Soleil, and many more. For David, it’s essential to take time for reflection and meditation to keep balance in his life. He spends months every year traveling the world, going on unique adventures, eating exotic foods, and experiencing local cultures. His favorite destination is Mexico, and his love of that culture combined with his desire to share those adventures with others inspired him to write The Cancun Insider, a travel guide to authentic Mexican experiences in Cancun, Mexico. David_Rowicz2 David also likes to pay it forward with, a website dedicated to helping others reframe their thinking and make positive change. Initially, he developed the MindCleanup system to reshape his own thinking and relationships, but was eager to share it with others when he found it brought substantial positive changes into his life effortlessly and very effectively. When not exploring the road less traveled, he explores his native Montreal, plumbing its corners for undiscovered gems – often giving tours to friends visiting from abroad. He fluently speaks English, French and Polish (and is presently learning conversational Spanish). “I’m not scared of staying off the beaten path and taking my own way,” states David. And he means it. Continue to follow David on his exciting journey, one new adventure at a time! Date Recorded: 11/21/2013
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