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Friday, August 21, 2015

Robin Pandy

Robin Pandy


Moksha is a Mystical Philosopher, speaker & Author, who was “awakened” in 1995, and his awakening materialized in 2009 (Atomic Transformation event occurred) that allowed him to recognize the “awakening” to his heart and every part of his body, says everyone is already “awakened” and there is no need seek or search, and in Reality enlightenment does not exist, it is only “idea”. Enlightenment is always about becoming and it is always in the future. Therefore, you cannot capture enlightenment in the present. No one knows what is happening in the present other than the mind’s assumption or the reflection about the Reality. What Moksha is interested in is pointing that you are already awakened or pointing to the source that you may have missed through “Instinsic Inquiry”. Moksha says he is not interested in awakening or liberating anyone, but simply describing his experiences on how he is functioning naturally. No one can enlighten others, it is not something you can give to someone or take it from someone because each one of us is unique and no two humans can experience the same and in the Reality everyone is already awakened. What the gurus and spiritual forerunners describe “enlightenment’ or ‘awakening’ is an illusion, and they really fool themselves and fool us all because when you put forth an idea that appears to be great people demand it because the idea is well crafted and presented by the expert. So, the idea is just an illusion; it does not exist. What everyone is searching for is just ideas that came from someone’s imagination – concrete imagination. Therefore, the “enlightenment” or “awakening”, gurus and spiritual forerunners preach is just an idea and everyone who has fed up with life and from suffering including rich Hollywood stars and business people line up to meet this charismatic intelligent guru because it is fashionable thing to do, just like the wardrobes, or cars or houses or girlfriends or wives they acquire. At the end none these fashions including spiritual search will make anyone happy and they go to this guru and that guru and do yoga, meditation, tantra, chanting and so on. It is a merry go around. Naturally, everyone is functioning exactly the same way, only difference is created by the mind to function in the human-made society. Our mind is really the “our” mind because it contains information passed down from prior generation and there is nothing anyone can say “this is mine” other than to function in the society because that is how it is developed or built to exist as a group of people who need one another for even basic need such as food, clothes, shelter, sex and so on. However, each one of us is unique, unparalleled, and there is no one like you anywhere in the planet now, in the past or probably in the future and the life expresses itself uniquely and trying to fit everyone in a model has created problems for humans. These so called “models” whether religious, psychological, sociological, or any models are all false, but some are only useful and it has only functional value to “live” or function in the society. These models cannot help anyone to liberate from gripping suffering that comes from collective knowledge, which are all false in the Reality. If we put aside all of the collective knowledge we have collected for million years of existence on the planet and apply that only to function in the society and inquire within without any of the beliefs, ideas, thinking and so on then there is possibility of the “Liberation” or “Moksha” or any of those grand “words” or “ideas” everyone is seeking on the planet. Moksha emphasizes “possibility” because there is no guarantee by following any models prescribed by anyone, Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha or anyone to liberate yourself. What these “saviors” of mankind left has become beliefs or ideas or knowledge. As mentioned above no beliefs, ideas, or knowledge can liberate you. Their teachings have falsified Moksha as well as everyone that are living now because those saviors of mankind never experienced the point of life that we are experiencing now. No two experiencing are alike because each one of us is unique and the religious or social models are tying to fit everyone into their “box” (model) has created problems for humans. These models are created by the thought and it only helps us separate from the totality of existence and in separation there is always suffering, problems, wars, and so on. Thought is only a tool to help us survive and reproduce. All scientists, psychologists, politicians religious forerunners, and all experts use thought to solve or create something that actually sucks the life and puts into the framework of “dead” or “imagination” or “projected” form. Thus, we do not know what is “living” which is continuous and cannot be captured with the mind or thought.
Date Recorded: 10/29/2013
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