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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dr. Gerald Newmark

Dr. Gerald Newmark

Dr. Gerald Newmark’s specialty for several decades has been “people.” He has had experience at every level of education from elementary school to university as a teacher, consultant or researcher. He has lectured extensively in the United States, and periodically in Europe, Japan and Mexico on doctor-patient, manager-employee, parent-child-teacher relations, and on innovative methods of teaching and learning. In these venues, he captivated his varied audiences with his ability to connect with all cultures and groups and penetrate quickly to the heart of the subject. In non-technical, straightforward language he conveys his messages in an interesting and entertaining manner so as to produce understanding, learning, and smiles. He speaks French and German fluently and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Italian. With funding from the Ford Foundation, Dr. Newmark worked with children, parents, and teachers in Los Angeles city schools as co-director of a project to develop a model school. The results of this effort are described in his book, This School Belongs to You and Me: Every Learner a Teacher, Every Teacher a Learner. For this work, Dr. Newmark received a presidential citation. With his latest book, How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children… and Parents Too!, Dr. Newmark focuses his attention on improving parent, child, teacher, family, and school relations. An important aspect of Dr. Newmark’s adult life has been participation in civil rights and youth affairs. He was involved for six years with the Synanon Foundation in its pioneering work in the treatment of drug addiction, and with Operation Bootstrap in Central Los Angeles in projects to improve inter-racial relations. He has been a consultant to the California Special Olympics and the California State Department of Education. Dr. Newmark has served on the advisory boards of the National Commission on Resources for Youth, the Center for ReUniting Families, and two drug abuse programs—Amity, Inc. in Arizona, and Tuum Est (now Phoenix House) in Los Angeles. He is presently on the Board of the Catticus Foundation. Dr. Newmark is a member of the American Association of Humanistic Psychology, the Charles F. Menninger Society, the National Association For The Mentally Ill, and the Rand Alumni Association
Date Recorded: 8/6/2013
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