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Friday, December 19, 2014

Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus

Attacks Puts Nation's Capital on High Alert

Meet Rob Pincus Owner at I.C.E. Training Company, I.C.E. develops, teaches and consults on training for military, law enforcement, private security and others interested in developing efficient firearms, tactical operations and defensive skills Developer of the "School Attacker Response Course", a program meant for teachers and students to provide options for fighting back against an armed school attacker Author of "Combat Focus Shooting", The Training Log Book", and "Combat Focus Shooting: Evolution 2010", and most recent "Counter Ambush" Co-Author of NEW book “Lessons From UNarmed America” with Mark Walters Developer of the Personal Firearms Defense Video series, which has over 60 Titles and has shipped over 4 million copies since 2005 His Combat Focus Shooting program has been adopted or integrated by a variety of military units, law enforcement agencies and private instructors Worked as producer/writer/host of S.W.A.T. Magazine TV, Host/Writer for The Best Defense and has been a featured guest on many other shows Managing Editor of "Personal Defense Network" For more information, visit:
Date Recorded: 9/17/2013
SITE: Site

Podcast of the interview Download:

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