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Friday, December 28, 2012

Plastuc Pals

Guest: The Plastic Pals
Bio: After a million years of free-floating in space from galaxy to galaxy, finally the last remaining batch of ”your plastic pal who´s fun to be with” has returned to the mothership and set up a permanent base in – of all places at this end of the Universe – Stockholm, Sweden. This outofthisworldish four-piece psychedelic garage rock combo The Plastic Pals was formed in Spring 2005. Guilty as charged is singer/songwriter/guitarist Hawk, aka Håkan Soold, who brought together Anders Sahlin (a guitarist who Hawk played with in the band Piglet in the 1980s) with Sweden´s answer to Sly&Robbie Olov Öqvist (drummer with Caroline Says/Cleveman Rössel Band and Wan Light) and Bengt Alm (bass player with Caroline Says/Cleveman Rössel Band and Wan Light)Podcast of the interview Download:

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