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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hometown: New York, NY
Genres: Pop / hybrid
Members: Jess Domain
Jess Domain’s original music can be heard on more than 30 network tv shows, including Law & Order, Damages & Melrose Place. Her soulful voice & upbeat pop melodies are paired with honest lyrics that always find their way home into your heart. She began her musical career touring with Aretha Franklin for 3 years as a backup artist & with her relative Mitch Ryder. She performs in NYC venues such as Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall & Galapagos.

Jess writes, arranges, produces & sings every note herself. Her songwriting skills are sought after by all genres of musicians & producers because she has the ability to find a song for every situation. She was given the ASCAPLUS Songwriter Award for 2008 in recognition for her skills. And now, Jess is excited to announce that this Winter a collection of her songs will be featured throughout 13 episodes of Cinemax’s new show “Girls Guide To Depravity”.

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