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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rose Columbo

Rose Columbo

Rose Colombo appeared on the cover of "Top 10 Personalities" magazine and she was featured as a "Crusader for Equal Rights" in 1998. She's received a long list of awards from the media for her work as a Consumer Advocate for Justice and the founder of "Women Fight Back," the first national self-help charitable group formed in the nation in 1989 helping victims of legal abuse become survivors of legal abuse; researching; proposing laws; and sharing information and true stories of legal abuse at monthly meetings and Town Hall meetings. She filed for a simple divorce in 1984 and by 1989, she realized she was a victim of legal abuse and had been entrapped in a web of injustices and thrust into the dark side of justice without anywhere to go for help even though she called every charitable group in the nation. She's been quoted and published in major newspapers, i.e, L.A Times, Boston Globe, Denver Post, Orange County Register; Seal Beach Journal, and Huntington Beach Newspaper. She's been interviewed on talk national & international radio as well as seen in the news on television. She created, produced, and hosted a local cable TV talk show and radio show, "Issues of the Day" for about ten years. Her dedication for more than 20 years has helped victims of legal abuse become survivors of legal abuse. She rocked the judicial system with her fight against injustices when she created, produced, and hosted her local cable TV show, "Issues of the Day" between 1989 and 2004 on Cox Communications and Time Warner as listed in the Time Warner TV Guide. She created, produced and hosted talk radio shows, "Women Fight Back" and "Issues of the Day," between 1989 and 1994 on Salem Communications as listed in their radio guide, KORG, KGER, Salem Communications; KYMS, KWNK, and KIEV exposing injustices and interviewing victims as well as lawyers, politicians and community leaders.
Date Recorded: 2/10/2014
SITE: Site

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