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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Marc L. Prey

Marc L. Prey

A child of the American Midwest, Marc Prey developed a love of reading and writing at an early age. This led to notebooks filled with poetry and short stories, followed by an English major from a small liberal arts college. Marc's first real job – reporter for a small, daily newspaper – failed to pay the bills, including the debts incurred to finance his college education, so he did the logical thing and went back to school. After earning a law degree, Marc went into private practice with a Detroit firm, married Jeanette, and fathered two boys. Although he gave the law 100%, Marc's love of writing kept bubbling to the surface. This led to many late nights and early mornings spent crafting, but never completing, a variety of novels. Eventually, Marc came upon an idea that screamed “Movie!” rather than “Novel!”, and he set out to write his first screenplay. When a Hollywood producer optioned the completed script, Marc said goodbye to the law and transitioned into screenwriting on a full-time basis. Marc has since optioned or sold nearly two dozen screenplays, with three having been produced into films: “Bury the Dog” (2012), “All I Want for Christmas” (2007) and “Damaged Goods” (2006). A fourth film, “High Heels & Horse Shoes” is tentatively scheduled to go into production in early 2014. Marc's work has won numerous screenwriting competitions, and he is frequently called upon to “doctor” scripts for producers, directors and other screenwriters. Due to his work promoting the Michigan film industry, Marc was appointed by Michigan's governor to the state's Film Advisory Council in 2008 and reappointed in 2011. When Marc's sons were young, he began writing a weekly blog to record his foibles as a husband and father. People laughed, cried and asked for more. For five years, Marc published a weekly story, but life eventually got in the way, and he was forced to give it up. A few years later, an editor at Motivational Press discovered the blog, contacted Marc and asked him to compile the best entries into a humor book. Th Podcast of the interview Download:

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