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Saturday, June 28, 2014

NEW ‘WIRELESS’ TECHNOLOGY: Wall-Mount TV Cables, Get Out of My Sight!

Sung Ho

Considering how advanced home entertainment has become in the last decade—especially with the rise of high-def, flat screen televisions—it’s amazing that the technology can still be rather crude. Such is the revelation that whacks us over the head whenever we step back to observe the beauty of our new wall-mount TV system. After all, at that point, who can take their eyes off the obnoxious stream of wires running down the wall?

Sung Oh received his mechanical engineering degree from Arizona State University in 1989. He started his career as a sales engineer for Siemens Automation, selling electrical automation equipment to industrial clients in Southern California. In 1998, he also received his Judicial Doctorate from Loyola Law School—Los Angeles; and he also received his patent attorney certificate in 1999. Mr. Oh worked for a number of international law firms gaining valuable legal experience prosecuting patent application and litigation patent matters on behalf of his clients, such as Avery Dennison and Harman International. In 2005, Mr. Oh followed his dream of being an entrepreneur and started CLO Systems, LLC. He used his technical and legal skills to design and engineer innovative products, such as the first ever full-motion motorized mounts and manual mounts. Through his diverse work experience, Mr. Oh has identified many growing market opportunities and has developed a strategy to design around competitors’ patents and protect its own technology. In this regard, he has filed more than 100 patent applications, and more than 15 patents have been granted under his name.
Date Recorded: 6/19/2013
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