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Monday, April 28, 2014

Amru Comic


Picture Bill Cosby raising his kids in the hood. If you needed a license to be a comic, this guy has one! Get this... his father was a notorious and very volatile pimp, and his mother was a Jehovah’s Witness... a schizophrenic Jehovah’s Witness, which means if she knocks on your door, she'll answer it too! Need I say more? If that doesn’t earn him the right to do stand-up, then nothing will! Amaru joined the military and experienced everything from being a flight attendant to a chemical engineer to a bodyguard. At a young age, with an even younger wife and three kids, with no guidance or real knowledge about life, came the problems of being a man without direction. Having children at a young age stunted and hindered his Hollywood success. Amaru came into his own as a skilled and accomplished screenwriter. Amaru adapts to his environment and makes any situation into a humorous story. His comedic story telling can be mesmerizing at times. The screenwriter in him makes him visual, but the kid and the quick wit in him makes for a good time at any comedy club. Amaru began writing for a female comic known as Celia Fox. He found stand-up as a way to bring back his quick-witted high school, class clown antics. He saw how exciting and challenging stand- up was and hopped on stage immediately. Three weeks after he began stand-up, Amaru opened up for Jurassic 5 at the HOUSE OF BLUES in Hollywood. This is almost unheard of in the business of stand-up. Amaru was fortunate to be at Hollywood premieres and rubbing elbows with the likes of Wesley Snipes, Jamie Foxx, Stephen Dorph and Shaq himself. He worked on sitcoms and music videos such as THE PARKERS and JURASSIC 5's THE INFLUENCE. Not bad, huh? Amaru learned about life the hard way and is able to turn tragedy into humor. He gives you his POV the way it needs to be said. It's more like listening to a friend telling you funny and relevant humorous stories about life than simply listening to a “comedian” do “stand up.” He is edgy without being crass, and his smooth baritone delivery makes him easy to listen to. Well, now you have him, a man who wasn’t handed a silver spoon in life, being blessed with all of these God given talents... a writer, poet, music producer, music publisher (SESAC), author, and a Comic. It's only impossible until you do it!! Just a few of the Clubs that Amaru has been a PAID performer at: Funny Bone LA Improv Tampa Cozzy's Comedy Zones Wisecrakers 80% percent of the casinos in Michigan Rascals The House of Blues California Side Splitters Grouchoes Universal City Walk Bonkerz Florida Jokers Washington Jokers Omaha The Laughing Post Bonkerz Iowa Jokerz Milwaukee Goonies

Podcast of the interview Download:

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