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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lisa Arie

Lisa Arie

TOPIC-BOOK: Crossing The Silly Bridge

About Lisa Arie: Lisa Arie, founder of Vista Caballo, is a former founder and CEO of two multi-million dollar companies. She travelled from the Aboriginal outback to the safaris of Africa, and developed an ability to innovate, seeing things from a completely unique perspective Lisa’s career began in the fast-paced jungle of Madison Avenue. She started with the landmark Motel 6 campaign with Tom Bodett. She developed a ‘fearless’ sense, honing her instinctive intelligence to make decisions without fear or assumptions. For Lisa one lesson stands out above all others: Anything is possible, and that means the rules as you know them are obsolete. Crossing the Silly Bridge by Lisa Arie can be found at Vista Caballo Ranch ( ) sits on the Western slope of the Rocky Mountains. Working in the clarity of mountain air, Lisa applies cutting edge technology and established horse sense to reboot corporate leaders with humane perspective and renewed purpose. They realize that no matter where they go, you're still the same human being facing the same issues. The experience generates compassionate individual innovation instead of just more-of-same corporate culture.

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